Improving the 2-seam


Thoughts on really making that 2-seamer move? Because I throw about 75 mph, I can’t just blow hitters away with 4-seamers anymore. My 4 seam has been getting hit hard lately and I was just wondering on ways to use my 2 seamer effectively. When to pitch it, how to make it move more, and where to pitch it.


When Jim Brosnan was with the St. Louis Cardinals in 1959 he had occasion to talk to pitching coach Clyde King about a problem he was having with both his fastballs. He complained that neither his four-seamer nor his two-seamer was working for him. So King called in a catcher and had Broz do some throwing for about ten minutes, using both pitches, and then he advised the pitcher to drop that four-seamer and go with the other whih was actually working better for him. Brosnan became a sinker-slider pitcher and had great success with that combination for several years. You might consider doing the same thing; you have a good two-seamer and could develop a very good sinker with it, and add something like a slider—and I don’t know what your arm slot is, but if you throw sidearm or close to it you might have a lethal weapon there. And don’t forget the changeup; every pitcher needs one!


no i throw overhand. i actually was considering just throwing the 2 seamer and once i read your post i realized i should. i do also have a decent change and a good slider. i actually feel like i can control my 2 seamer better then my 4 seam. thanks for the advice


I threw from a very high 3/4 arm slot so my four-seam fastball was punishing but never got much movement with the two seamer.

I did however ALWAYS grip the ball along the seams using a two seam grip when throwing fastballs to the pitching arm side, and then I gripped the ball using a four seam grip when throwing fastballs to the glove arm side.

Again, I didn’t get much movement on the two seamer but mentally the feel of the grip locked in the location of where I wanted to the the pitch in my mind and reinforced good control. I encourage you to try it.


One word: Pronate


If you want to pitch the two-seam effectively, throwing it inside on right-handed batters is a good idea. When you grip the ball, put pressure on your pointer finger. Also, try throwing them four-seams outside twice, then use the two-seam inside.

Hope this works,