Improving RIstar

I have a couple videos here of Dry throwing off of the step I have and I see some major improvement of Hip/Shoulder separation.

My Core is NOT strong enough and I can not hold the split second stretch in the core to long. I need to gain some more strength so that I can hold back the arm and get greater hip/shoulder separation.

                                Full Speed 
                          Color Slow motion 

I Will upload a BLACK AND WHITE video so you can see the stretch in the core and also the muscle better since there is a contrast.


It seems that you are “pushing” the ball to the plate instead of allowing the arm to whip across… this is because your elbow is WAY too low at the moment your lead foot lands so you have to make up for it coming aroundd with your torso i suggets filming your same mechanics but in a SIDE view for a better look and if it is the case (elbow WAY too low… it should be shoulder level not lower but not that much higher) it will lead to severe shoulder problems do to the the fact that you are throwing “below” the arm

Take a look at what a proper position should be at landing

See how the elbow is shoulder level if anything a centimeter lower it seems yours is WAY too low so your arm comes up to make up for this instead of throwing to the plate your arm is going UP and then to the plate which will cause you to throw “across the body” and then down which will hurt your shoulder…

I do like how your mechanics resemble tim lincecum he is a great pitcher to look at but i sugget fixing what i stated

How do I go about getting the elbow up higher?

Things I notice don’t look good are.

  1. Shoulders open up little to soon
  2. Elbow to low

I’m very happy with the hip/shoulder separation I’m able to get now that is a big improvement from about 35-40 degrees separation now it’s more like 60-65 degrees or more of separation.

Your elbow height is fine, but you are pushing the ball. Your front elbow is coming around too late as well.

It seems like your upper body is just too stiff.

is there anyway I can fix the stiffness?

Ok lets all look at the LEFT GLOVE SIDE SHOULDER

Once I plant I do not get tension in the shoulder or chest area at all. I let it go loose which in return MIGHT be the reason why my arm lags back so much because it has nothing else to do.

Look at Joba Chamberlian and the tension in the glove side arm I think I
might be on to something but idk you tell me.

Ok see what I mean

That is Black and White. of my Motion lol

look at the two continuous running clips in one of the last posts. evaluate the amount of external rotation you have in your throwing arm and post what you see. does it look good to you.

No it doesn’t look good because

1)No ball
2) I do not stabilize the glove side

Look at this clip I stabilize the glove side more and you don’t get the push or lagging off the arm.

with the amound of hip/shoulder separation I have been able to get I have not made my front side stabilize and stiffen which will help pull the arm around like the video above. So I need to stabilize the glove and go from there.

To quote my good friend NPA, “I might as well speak alien to you.” That’s how I feel right now, because I really wonder how much of this will actually get through to you.

Keep it simple.

Stop trying to over complicate every single little detail in your motion.

If you notice for the most part your glove has similiar action as Joba. The diference being in the follow through of your arm and his. Where your arm goes it forces you to move you glove out of the way (due to you throwing across your body). Where his arm goes allows for him to not move his glove as much. IMO

Keep it SIMPLE!

[quote=“RIstar”]No it doesn’t look good because

1)No ball

I’m getting tired of hearing that excuse from you. If it’s that big of a deal to you then don’t waste time posting clips without a ball, because that’s your excuse each and everytime.

The magic of Camera Angels my friend.

Ok it’s not an excuse and If you can’t see my glove side action IS NOT EVEN COLSE TO JOBA’s.

My glove side is coming around late and never getts any tension like his at all which causes this lagging which is my main problem not over thinking this it’s just fact look at joba and look at me my arm never gets in the right position.

Quick question what’s the difference between tension and stiffness?

It sounds a little conflicting to me, but it might be the fact that it’s almost 2 AM here.

You can mess around with whether or not your glove side shoulder is doing a certain thing or if your left ear is pointing north but you are not going to fix this seriously challenged arm action without focussing on it for a while. You get virtually no external rotation. STUDY THE PROS!!! I have yet to see a pro do what you’re doing here. It’s all in the backswing RIstar. Yours stays low, moves back toward first base LOW, lifts hardly at all, then the hand stays at that LOW LEVEL and swings around in pretty much a horizontal arc.

So, toy with your left big toe, or the hair on the right side of your head. None of the incessant tinkering you’ve been doing will fix your biggest challenge. Your ARM ACTION. You MUST FIX THIS ARM ACTION. IT’S ALL TOO LOW!!! You even hold the ball in the glove down there and break it down there.

Just try it RIstar. Just try to emulate Kevin Brown from the video shown below. You constantly mess around with everything else. JUST TRY IT!!!

After breaking the ball out of the glove, bend the elbow earlier. Lift up, thinking of the top of the forearm and the upper arm as a unit, bent a bit. Just try it. Watch Brown do it. Watch Nolan Ryan do it. Clemens.


Well said dm!

I feel like I’m having flashbacks…

:laughing: :rolllaugh:

You too eh palo?

RIstar, your lower body and core mechanics look good but your arm action needs some work…when working on it, try to go slow and not rush things, you have all winter to improve it…

Ok I would like to thank two people for helping me.

1st off Wales Diseal for making me realize that I needed a change


NPA that I need not keep making everything so complicated and KISS which has lead me to fix the elbow problem and the push problem a little too.

Without theses to guys suggestions of:

KISS {Keep it Simple stupid}
Not to reverse rotate

I will have a video up soon of today and I would like to thank Wales Diseal and NPA pitcher in my mechanics headed in the right step for once.

KISS is my new way of thinking and it’s started to work already.

This video is alot better more momentum and better arm action the arm gets higher up. Also this is dry throwing so in return there will not be to much bounce back or exernal rotation with the throwing arm because there is nothing to weight the arm backwards in rotation to throw.

Ps. It’s not an excuss.