Improve my mechanics

If you can’t view the video let me know.

I really want some advice on my delivery to improve my velocity. I currently throw about 80. I need to get above 85. I am right handed even though the video makes me look left handed.

Front leg is bent the entire time through release. This is losing some of your power you are gaining throughout the windup.

Watch the video for where your right foot lands and how you got there. It’s off to the side. Your momentum takes that sideways shift to get there. There are a couple of things going on here to cause this. There’s a tendency for you to do the old “pull the back knee forward” bit. Bill Thurston used to teach this as a way to aid hip rotation but the best in the business simply don’t do it. I’d suggest it actually inhibits hip rotation, which is the other thing causing your sideways momentum shift.

You seem to be looking good overall, with nice direction to the plate with your front hip. Your back leg action dies though. If you watch the back leg action of many big leaguers, you’ll see it straighten and rotate. The back knee doesn’t come forward, rather, it rotates inward. Now, whether or not this is a movement that “causes” hip rotation or is “because of” hip rotation is debatable, but you’re not doing it.

So, rotate the hips and back leg much more and get up onto and over that front leg, as Brettbirdsong12 was noting.

Otherwise, good job.

Thanks for the tips. I will work on those things. If anyone else has anything to add please do.

Get yourself outside and throwing a real ball and then videotape yourself. And include a front or rear view in addition to the side view.

Alright i will do that but it might take me a few days to get it all together.