Improve arm speed

what are some ways to improve arm speed

increase momentum toward the plate.

One way is to increase arm deceleration ability. The front of your body control arm acceleration while the back controls deceleration. Most people have a well developed front side but if you don’t have a well developed back then you can’t use that.
Think of a car. If you could drive it as fast as you can but there is a stop sign 100 yards away. Most people would say they would as fast as they could as long as they could stop. The same thing with your arm. It will only travel as fast as it can but still stop.

I believe long-toss helps to improve arm speed. I grew a bunch during the same period so some people might just say that my increase in arm speed and velocity was the result of me getting more mature, but I think it was also from doing long-toss.

I have been doing it for almost a year and have improved my arm speed and velocity. I know the pitching tips blog on this website has some long-toss programs and I have one that my pitching coach gave me posted in the first part of my KidMullen Workout log.

Increasing arm speed doesn’t happen overnight so you just have to keep working on it and stay focused.

Hi Chew1109,

There are a number of different ways to improve arm strength. Here, a few:

  1. Start a weight training program designed for pitchers. This a long term approach but a necessary one for serious pitchers.

  2. Consider using weighted balls. These work by using the principle of plyometrics. They will help strengthen the muscles in your arm and allow you to throw the ball faster. This results in a faster pitch.

  3. Get some pitching lessons from a top notch baseball pitching instructor. They can improve your mechanics allowing you to add another 5mph to your fastball in some cases.

Jack Elliott
Baseball Pitching Tips

i need to find a weight training program for pitchers.

Well, to be completely honest weight training isnt much different as a pitcher than it is for just plain full body weightlifting. I hate people who say “All you need is legs and abs for pitching” because that is a ridiculous and completely illogical statement. Nobody in there right mind is going to get a ripped up lower half and stay skinny as a twig for their chest/arms/shoulders/back. Balance is the key in all sports, and baseball/pitching is not any different.

Lets be fair though, legs/core/back should be the focal points of your lifting as a pitcher, those are the most important body parts associated with pitching. But does that mean you should abandon benching or curls? Not at all, you just need to make sure that whatever your lifting, whether it be a 120 pound bench or 225 that you stay flexible and keep in mind what your training for.

I’d say totally abandon bench press. I think it can easily be replaced with DB press as a better workout for pitchers. I do olympic lifting which I think while doing a jerk or a push press in an olympic manner is better for you than to do just a bench press because to keep the weight up there you need to use lower body abbs and back to press it up. Along with your arms of course. I can push press more than I can bench press.

Hi Everyone,

If you are looking for a good weight training program for pitchers. I can recommend the one that Tom House mentions in his books. It helped me add about 10mph to my fastball. It is very thorough and challenging. Good baseball pitching programs will put an emphasis on reps and also working the triceps a number of different ways. All muscles should be trained, but the triceps and the forearms are the workhorse muscles in your arm.

Hope this helps,
Jack Elliott
Baseball Pitching Tips

Also, for arm speed, look into badminton in your area. Trust me.

Ok I’ll bite … huh ?

Thats true, I generally swap out between DB Bench, Regular Benchpressing, and Bench Pressing in a cage. When I said don’t automatically drop Benching, I meant any chest press type movement.