Important Showcase Advice

hey guys whats up. I have this showcase coming up in about a month and a half. Anyways i need some advice on what i should start doing every day. I started my offseason workout already because i didn’t know about the showcase. I was thinking that i should not be lifting heavy weights on my upper body but still continue to lift heavy with my legs 3 times a week.

As for core goes i will be doing all my core exercises every single day until a week before the camp.

As for pitching/throwing. I plan on doing long toss every single day until 1 week before the camp. I also plan on doing 2 (40pitch bullpens) every week until 1 week before the camp.

I will also do rotator cuff exercises every day. As well as at least 5-10 90ft short sprints
And i will do agility drills every day.

Does this sound good to you guys. I really want to be at the very top of my game. This is probaly the biggest showcase of my life, because their is going to be over 30 different collegs/universities watching me. And that has never happened before. So ya does this sound good. I plan on working my tale off for the next month to be in top shape.

When you talk about long toss what distances are you talking. 300 feet? I’m not sure you want to do this every day. Maybe not when you do your bullpens???

Any long distance running after the workout?

ya i was planning on doing it 300ft and beyond. If i shouldn’t then i will not for my bullpens. Long distance running after the workout. i don’t think long distance is good for baseball pitchers. Its good only after you pitch like 100 pitches or so. I don’t think you have to do it after you pitch only 40 pitches.

Anyways what do you guys think of my monthly plan. Good or not?

You honestly aren’t giving yourself enough rest with that plan. I know it may appear that long tossing everyday and killing yourself with sprints and basically going all out is the way to go, but you aren’t going to make huge gains that way.

Now, on a daily basis you CAN be doing your arm care exercises and flexibility/mobility work. But try and space out all of those other ATP draining drills.