Important! read this if you are having inner elbow pain

I have great news. Yesterday i threw a light bullpen with no curve balls and amazingly my inner elbow/ upper forarm tendon did not hurt. I have figured out that if you threw too many curveballs you might damage that tendon because of the twisting of the wrist on the release of the curveball. I have just some advice. Learn a good change-up and get good movement on your fastball and maybe a cut fastball dont throw too many curveballs if your still young!!!

you dont have to do anything with the wrist if you throw the curveball properly there is no snap no flick no twist just pull down on top of the ball and you will get better control and better movement.

Curveballs are fine if thrown properly. There should be no twisting of the wrist while the arm is coming forward.

or jsut take ibeprophine… works for me

I notice that when I stride a few inches more towards the plate, my elbow tends to take less strain. I had elbow problems for about a year, and I started striding a little farther the past month. Seems to work like a charm. Now my arm still get tired after a while (who’s arm doesn’t), but it does not hurt anymore after finish my pitching routine. It use to hurt almost every bullpen I throw (I’m not in a league, but I throw quite often after work). I do feel abit of soreness from my shoulders afterwards though. I may be soreness from not being worked because I understrided while pitching, and it just needs to build up in strength.

I never get sore after pitching till the next day and I can still throw. The 2nd day after I can throw 40 pitches on the mound. Now most pitchers will say that they can’t do even that after they pitch and have a couple day’s all pitchers should be able to heal quick if they workout right in-season. Pain/ alot of soreness = Not enough effort into a workout and or injury or to many pitches.

Pitchers need to really focus on Preventive Health of there body’s so they can heal quick after they pitch. Pain at all ever is not good and you shouldn’t be getting that. It might be your workout {inseason} or lack of one.

after a real outing 75+ pitches at game speed i have tireness and soreness in my back shoulder. i can still thorw but i dont have any control so i just rest it. its more then likely coming from not preparing enough i used to just go out there drunk and blow the ball by everybody. i changed a little my aproach.

how much throwing and what do you do leading up to the game? Do you have tuff cuff?