Important Read For gaining Muscle and Some NEW SCIENCE READS

Alrighty i thought i would just post this for the people who can’t gain weight/muscle. Now alot of people including myself, i thought i could simply go into the weight room lift extremely intensly, and don’t worry about my nutrition.

  1. If you want to put on muscle you can’t unless you eat more food then what your body is use to. Also your daily calorie intake is how much food your body needs to maintain, if you google “daily calorie intake calculator” there is a website that will calculate your maintence.

Let me say that again it is physically impossible to gain muscle without eating more food.

Here is a good example:::::


You think you lift hard in the gym. There are guys that are 160lbs that deadlift 600lbs. And guess what, those guys have absolutely no muscle on them. YES THEY have developed fast twitch muscles, by lifting in the 1-3 rep range, but if you look at their body’s they are not muscular, they are just extremely strong.

Now if it were me and i were trying to gain weight, i wouldn’'t do the 1-3 rep range, just for the simple fact that you are a baseball player, and you don’t want to have a fatal injury that may screw you for life.

If i were you i would lift in the 5 rep range, maybe even going to 8 reps.

Remeber its all about nutrition, lifting weights means nothing unless you eat right. and eat MORE.

You should try to eat around 500 calories over your daily calorie maintence level in order to gain muscle.

Actually if i were a beginner i would eat maybe eve 700-800 calories over your maintence, just for the simple fact that you may not know how to calculate calories properly.

So next time you look at yourself in the mirror and say, “damn why don’t i look muscular, or why can’t i put on more muscle/strength for baseball”.

Now you know the reason. EAT MORE, EAT MORE, EAT MORE…

Okay this is for basically for the regulars on this site, such as kyleb, lanky lefty, zito, etc. Anyways i have read at, that they have researched any apparently tested that eating 6-8 meals a day, does not do nothing for your body. And apparently you can eat only 1 meal a day and still gain weight.

As long as you hit your macro goal, then you are fine.

Ex: 185lb person bulking, needs 3400cal, 240g protein,300-400g of carbs, 100g of fat.

Anyways they are saying that you can eat all 3400 calories in one sitting and still gain healthy weight, and still have good strength gains as well.

They also said you can cut weight doing this as well.
If 185lb person cutting needs, 2300 calories, 280g protein, 200g carbs, 80g of fat. they say that this person can eat all their calories in one meal and still lose weight

This is just mind blowing to me in general

This isn’t it too, they are also saying that you don’t need anything post workout either, they say you don’t need any carbs to spike insulin or any fast dissolving protein, such as protein whey either.

When i say “THEY” I basically mean all these kids that are using SCIENCE, as their prove. And ya they have prove, they have links that prove these theories, so they are true.

Everything i ever knew about lifting weights/strength is now known as BRO-SCIENCE>

So ya just thought i would vent abou that.

Amen, brother. Let me add a few things in:

  1. Post-workout nutrition is important to some degree. Pre-workout is more important. Getting reps in due to good nutrition matters more than post-workout replenishment if you fail reps.
  2. You can eat all the calories at one time and it will make little difference. Agreed. People only truly recommend spacing out meals because it will help blunt hunger in most people. It will also get them eating smaller portions, which is important in obese populations.
  3. Spiking insulin and all that stuff is not really relevant for the vast, vast majority of people. It matters in advanced/elite trainees and very low BF bodybuilders, but not athletes on any other level.

Check out Alan Aragon’s stuff about nutrition. You will really like it.

Good thing you’ve abandoned broscience. :slight_smile: If you ask me, you know a lot about this stuff and I never once thought you were dead wrong about something. You’ve brought up a lot of good points in this community and I’ve enjoyed our discussions.

just for the record…

Oleksandr Kutcher is (was) a 165lb powerlifter deadlifting above the range you listed. Here’s his back…and front.

thx kyleb, i like your discussions as well

ya i have been reading alot about alan aragon and his points of view on training.

LOL lanky lefty, i was just randomly guessing at those numbers hahahah

Believe it or not my first powerrack, 600lbs of weights, rack tree, and incline/military bench,all of that equipment was bought from the store, of a Canadian Powerlifting Champion. Which is really weird, because the guy was only 150lbs, but his assistant working their was jacked to crap.