Important Phiten question

so, i’m probably gonna get a phiten necklace/bracelet

what’s the difference between the x30 and the regular(is it worth it to pay the extra $ for the x30?)

also for the arm sleeve, does anyone have pics of someone(doesn’t have to be MLB) wearing it?

-and for people that bought it, is it any good?

I wore three Phiten necklaces, two bracelets, a pair of earrings, a Phiten jock strap and a Phiten ring on my glove hand. That’s probably the reason I made it to pro ball. I gained at least 16 MPH from the earrings alone. :twisted:

Haha, I was reading this like… ‘Seriously?’

But no, I don’t think the Phiten products ACTUALLY do anything physical to you. It’s more of a psychosomatic deal. If you think it works then it will.

Phiten titanium bracelets and necklaces…welcome to the world of shameless hucksterism.

If you like the way they look and feel, go ahead and buy a dozen of 'em.

If you think they will do something real to help your performance or heal you…well, boys, some would say that’s just expensive (but harmless) foolishness.

Unfortunately, it’s only harmless to your athletic career if you’re already doing everything you can to condition and train yourself, getting serious about nutrition for athletic performance, in summary…working on the things that matter. And, whatever the jewelry costs, you would do better to spend that money on something that could help you, unless you have boundless resources at your disposal and the money just doesn’t matter.

Guys who get distracted by cons that promise them an “edge” just by wearing an expensive piece of metal jewelry are probably not paying enough attention to the things that actually help their athletic development.

has anyone tried the thong with the cup attachment in a mesh? i’m also looking for the stillettos (not sure how the gals spell it) in a 6" with a pitching toe. lefty of course. we’re also considering putting brass dance poles in the bullpens with a dj. but it’s hard to convince athletic directors it will really help pitching performance.

reminds me of bill murray in stripes.

might try the bull durham garter outfit. the yankees use the golden thong slump buster.

I own 2 necklaces, here’s the reality at the time I had a lot of money and I decided I would buy them now I really wish I would have spent that money on something useful, as lafippin said spend your money on something that will actually help you. All that stuff is for is appearance and that’s the only reason why I still wear mine I cant let that $40 go to waste

I got mine off this site for like, $3 a piece.

what site?

Wow. People are actually still thinking about buying these things. Wow.

I wear phitens products every wear I go. At first when I got the necklaces, to tell you the true, I did in fact feel a different. I am guessing it was 90% mental difference but it was still a difference. Then in the summer, I bought the phiten sleeves (black) and the were one of the best products a bought. The second I put in on I felt major differences. I makes your arm feel loose and ready to go. I go buy thsaying [size=24][/size]LOOK GO, FEEL GOOD, PLAY GOOD[size=24][/size] :stuck_out_tongue:

All i know, is that a month or so ago, as my just turned 10 year old son spent 40 bucks of his birthday money on one of those things, all i could think of was,“Man i wish I had thought these things up.”

Steve, earrings really? C’mon man, you can do better than that!