Important Phiten question

so, i’m probably gonna get a phiten necklace/bracelet

what’s the difference between the x30 and the regular(is it worth it to pay the extra $ for the x30?)

also for the arm sleeve, does anyone have pics of someone(doesn’t have to be MLB) wearing it?

-and for people that bought it, is it any good?

I bought my son a Phiten arm sleeve , but not for what you are thinking. Under armour arm sleeve was a lot of money and not really that great, but the Phiten was cheaper and would do what I wanted it to …that’s to keep his arm warm after his inning. When I was a kid I would put my arm inside a jacket sleeve and do that til the next inning. Today, my son puts the phiten arm sleeve on after an inning and also slips his arm inside his windbreaker sleeve. When he goes to bat he would where his arm sleeve. I find it usefull not because of it supposedly healing effects, but because it saved me money for what I wanted … it is well made too. I hope I helped :smiley:

I wear a sleeve and it helps a little, keeps my arm warm and helps the elbow. My used to get pretty sore but the sleeve i think helped with that. If your looking for someone who wears it look up chris snyder of the d’backs or the high school phenom bryce harper they both wear one.