Important! Arm Soreness or something to worry about?

I just got done throwing a very stressful weekend and my arm is sore in my upper forarm area just under the elbow (hand facing palm-up) i just need to know if this is just soreness or i should get it looked at. if you need a picture of where im speeking of pls let me know thx alot

Soreness is normal after you’ve worked a lot – At times I too experience soreness around the same area after I’ve thrown many pitches. It goes away for me around 5-6 days, lately I’ve been taking tips of nursing it with ice to help it out. But if it lasts for a while more than a week, it could be something bad and you should have it checked out.

Could just be soreness if this is a one-time thing. But if you continue to have soreness there, you might have a case of Pitcher’s Elbow which is a strain at the muscle-tendon interface. If the pain continues to reoccur, get checked out by a doctor and expect to take some time off.

ya well its not really my elbow its kinda the area below my elbow like my upper forearm if you need a picture of the area i can post one

When my son had pitcher’s elbow, it hurt about 2 inches below (ie. forearm side of) the bone that sticks out the inside of the elbow. It wasn’t in the elbow itself.

ill post pictures

Well it could be a injury the way you throw 100% as hard as you can every pitch and have a sore arm 3-4 days after.

You need to get that checked out.

what kind of pain is it? if it is a sharp pain when you do the throwing motion then you may have something to worry about but if its a dull pain then it’s probably normal. if its been 2+ days off start using heat treatments and run to get the blood flowing to get the junk buildup out and then you might feel better