Importance of standing tall?


Ok so I finally have recuperated from all of my arm and ankle injuries. In other words I can pitch again :D. First time in 2 years. When I threw my first bullpen I felt like I was doing really good. Was going right down the middle, really good velocity and my arm felt great. Then the coach came over and all hell seems to have broke loose…

That video is old but its still a reletive representation of my machanics. I bend my right knee alot and I break way back to my right side. My coach now has me standing straight and breaking down the middle when I start to bring my leg down.

Now I feel like I have completely downgraded… Im throwing more wildly, and my volocity looks and feels like it has gone down a ton… A other coach even asked if I was throwing changeups… Do I really need to stand tall? does it sacrafice so much power?

P.S. sorry about that bad spelling I am in a big hurry.


Has he said anthing about how high your arm gets when you bring your pitching arm comes back? I’ve only ever taught my son but it seems to me you should not get your eblow above shoulder hight. I’m sure the experts will chime in.



Dont worry I have already consulted the experts on it :P. My eblow positions is fine because of its relation to the opposite shoulder.

as shown in this picture. Since my body is tilted my elbow is not technically above my should so its fine. The staying tall is the big thing for me right now.


I think you’re straight arming it a little much.


I was thinking more not as release but when the ball is facing second base, when the arm swings back. I theorized that he wants you to stay tall to minimize that affect, when the solution is not to have it so far above the shoulder approaching drive line hight. I have read this could cause shoulder problems. seems like wasted motion and maybe slowing motion to the plate making all those changes to get to your at release point. But I am no expert I just look, listen and read a lot in order to educate my son. Good luck recovering from the injury.


i don’t see a problem with how high the arm is, i think you get it there too quick. your body has not had a chance to create and maximize leverage. if you can delay getting your arm up that fast (it may feel like it is lagging behind for awhile) i think you will be surprized how hard and effortless you throw.

that’s what i see.


Or, instead of delaying the arm, speed everything else up. When you break your back leg so much, you spend unnecessary time stalled out over the back leg when you should be moving forward. Start with more bend in your knees so you’re already down there. Then get yourself moving forward sooner. You might find the arm gets up just in time.


i see your arm get up very high and it is a problem. look how high your elbow is, this is putting tremendous amounts of stress on the shoulder. no wonder you have had so many arm injuries.


First, I would recommend that you listen to your coach and don’t meet him with resistence when he tells you something. You have a number of mechanical issues and in order to fix them it will probably feel very unnatural for a while. Okay, here’s what I see:

  1. Yes, you need to fix your initial posture and that starts with staying tall with the back leg. You can still drive off your back leg, just don’t sit on it right out of the gate. This also throws you off balance before you even get started down the hill.

  2. Immediately after hand break you pull your glove to your arm pit. From there it goes out and down towards your knee. There is a very lenthy thread about glove side action which would probably help you, but it all starts at hand break and letting the arms work together (opposite and equal or symmetry).

  3. The ball indeed gets up way too quickly which creates huge timing issues and robs you of any explosiveness or whip-like action with your arm. IMO, pitching mechanics is 90% timing. What we “see” when we evaluate mechanics can usually be attributed to the body doing things out of sequence.

My agenda here is to help you not to insult you, but you need to understand that these changes are going to be extremely difficult for you because you are quite out of whack. Listen to your coaches. The adjustments he has recommended are a good place to start. Good luck


i could be wrong but it looks in the vid like you are trying to throw down at something that is very close to you. the throw couldnt have reached the plate in my opinion.


Wow thanks for all the posts :shock:. Guess I have to answer them all now lol.

My arm is fine with how high it is for 1 because I have never had a shoulder problem :P. All in the elbow… but the timing is one thing that my coach did mention. Thats why he now has me breaking directly over my leg.

The problem where my hand breaks directly to my pit has been fixed. I started pointing this summer. I think this may have helped me alot with my timing.

I am going to try to get you guys a new video on saturday. I cant do it during the week because by the time my baseball practice is over its to dark outside.

Also yes the pitch back I was throwing at was only around 25feet away. Thats why the ball rebounded so quick. My arm does usally reach high though because I like to slam the ball down like the video kind of shows. Just a different angle.