Importance of Drag Leg in Pitching


I was recently listening to Tom House speak about the “drag leg” and saying that it should be roughly two of your feet. Can any comment on the importance of this and why we don’t typically see guys have this. I can really only think of two who do this and they are Tom Seaver and Greg Maddux.



It’s not drag leg, it’s drag line. Drag line is the line created in the dirt by your rear foot/toe dragging. House explains the rear foot acting similar to a rudder on a ship. It keeps you directed towards home. A good drag line is the length of two of the pitchers feet, and should finish lined up with the center of the rubber. If it doesn’t the pitcher can use it to adjust their starting position on the rubber. If you look at this picture of Kershaw you see the rear foot dragging away from the rubber. That will create a drag line in the dirt.


Just as stride length is an indicator of how well you’re doing other things, so is the drag line length. A 2-shoe length drag line means you’re generating good momentum among other things.


Do you think a good drag line will result in higher velocity as well?


It can. The amount of momentum necessary to create a 2-shoe length drag line certainly puts energy into the system such that if you sequence your delivery properly and time it well then you should be able to transfer that energy up the chain and into the baseball.

Of course, it’s not the drag line that can increase velocity. It’s doing well all of the other things that result in a longer dragline. The dragline is really just an indicator of things.