Imbalanced strength of lats on throwing side

I am a recently retired player due to arm issues, however I pitched for about eleven years/three seasons per year (right handed). During this career I threw 5+ days per week (this is just to give an idea of how much I have thrown). I have noticed that the strength in the left half of my lats is significantly weaker than that in my right, presumably because of throwing/pitching. I am not in pain, but I can notice the difference in strength during workouts. Is this muscle strength imbalance relatively normal for pitchers? Are there other underlying health implications because of this bodily imbalance? Are there workouts designed for evening the strength in both sides of my lats or is it better to work out the back normally? Thanks!

When say retired, do you mean at an age over 20, or 30 +? The reason for me asking is that, the word retired has a definite meaning to me. Also, your “career” also has me noticing language specific to an appropriate response.

Could you itemize what workouts signify a difference in strength, and what strength are you alluding to?

To address your question(s) more directly - unless you’ve sustained some sort of serious injury that you’ve nursed along the way (this is not unusual), your workouts should have balanced your strength equally. I rarely met a player who had noticeable strength issues - one side verses the other.