I'm searching for a winter training


First, who am I!

My name is Max, i’m 18, i’m from Canada (N-Scotia). I’m a right handed pitcher who throw mid 80’s fastballs (83-84). I’m 6’'2 and weighting 170 pounds.

Ok, now, why am I here?

It’s simple! My season will end soon and i’m searching for a winter training. I just want to throw a harder fastball (I’d like to reached 87 or 88…)

I’ve never trained before… So, I need good advices!!!

P.-S.: I’d like too to have nutrition tips… What do I have to eat during that off-season to keep healty!!! :lol:

P.-S.#2: Our off-season is almost 7 months here…


[size=7]Ouch! I think I make some typing mistakes… I usually speak french :roll: [/size]