I'm pissed

So I go to a school of about 1800 in northern California. I’m a junior that was put on the JV team with only one other junior. Last year after I played JV, I worked my ass off in the offseason from Sept-Feb. Mainly being the utility middle infielder the years before and now putting on 12 lean pounds in the offseason, I switched to a 3B. I have been benched for a 3B who should not be a starter making 2-3 errors per game but hid dad “knows” the coach. I rarely pitch now even though I’ve done well.

This will be my senior year log, since this season seems like a lost season. I’m gonna work my ass off to get as strong and fast as possible. I do go to a competitive school but I’ve had it with playing the bench role the last 3 years. I’ll be making these coaches look like idiots. Hopefully, I can get some scholarship in college or make a team if I get in real good shape. I can’t wait when the offseason comes around.

Just dont do too much you end up hurting yourself… im going threw the same thing working my a** off just to be on my friends team and now there might not be a team it gets me mad… and i think all teams are filled up by now

Hey Bballpitcher:
Welcome to the world of baseball. You’ve run into the “politic’s” of the game that not many are willing to talk about.
I’d bet you are better than some on the team your talking about, but someone knows the coach , a parent is a friend of the coach etc. etc.
Keep up your " gonna show him" attitude!! Keep practicing , get a weighted ball workout and keep practicing your pitching mechanic’s.
But , remember if you like playing baseball , and don’t mind 3b or outfield or what ever position , PRACTICE your HITTING MECHANICS TOO!!
I don’t know many coach’s who would bench you if your a damn good hitter!! A good hitting % will overcome a few errors , they would HAVE to play you!

Keep determined , (remember “Believe It & Achieve It”)
Bill :slight_smile: :slight_smile: