I'm new here, looking for advice

Hi, first I just want to clarify that isn’t Larry the cable guy :smiley:

I just started getting on the mound and have never had anyone who knows something pitching take a look. I used my camera this time but on thursday I’m gonna bring the video camera and have a much better video to go by but for now thats all I can show. About me though, I’ve always had a good arm but never been in good enough shape to see the real potential, (in the process of it right now, just need the time) I’ve viewed a few other videos on here and looking at the basics OBVIOUSLY I need some speed and quickness. I just feel if it all could come together I might have some good potential and I wont stop til I’m there. I’d appreciate any kind of tips or faults that you can see and I will be back on here in 4 days with a much better video and different angles, thanks in advance, Justin.