I'm nervous for tryouts?

I am a multi sport athlete and I play basketball and baseball. I haven’t had a lot of practice this off season, because I’m on the basketball team and we practice everyday and we usually have one off day on the weekend and that’s the time I either rest or work on my swing/pitching mechanics. I am very nervous for tryouts, I am so busy with basketball that I haven’t had a lot of time to put in a lot of work as all the other baseball players who don’t play a winter sport have.

Even during basketball season, you can spend one hour a week on hitting. Carve out the time and put in the work.

How much time do you have before tryouts?
What kind of access to practice space do you have?

I’d put the time into your swing rather than your pitching because your coach probably has a plan to get the pitchers ready on a timeline and pitchers don’t throw much to start with on day one.

Without seeing either your swing or your throwing motion, I really can’t give you specifics. In general, HS players lack balance and proper load and weight shift in their swing. Take a look at these aspects of your swing and work on improving. If you have some video, I’m sure we can help you out.

Never be nervous. Baseball is fun.

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Try to carve out 15 minutes every day for some baseball-related activity. Tubing, dry mechanics in front of a mirror, throwing into a net… Preparation usually beats nervousness because you feel prepared.

I have 2 weeks until tryouts and today since I didn’t have practice, I was able to do a lot of work with a friend.

This is critical to work with other players! Do you have a primary defensive position when you are not pitching? You may want to carve out position specific training and situation review.

I also play 2nd base and I did some fundamental drills with my friends, and I had someone hit me grounders.

Be sure to work on shovels, flips, and pivots at all depths and catching those ground balls slightly open to your intended throwing direction. Also, remember to catch the ball off-center to your glove side so you have more flexibility with your glove movement.