Im looking to buy a new glove, reccomendations needed


Last year i started playing ball with my friends more. I have been using this Rawlings glove ( this glove must be 8 years old ) and it is garbage. For most of these 8 years i have tried everything to break it in, leather treatments, tying it up with a ball, putting it under my mattress, and through all of this, it has only broken in allitle ( if it helps, its a rawlings RPT-20 ). Ive decided that enough is enough, and i want to buy a new glove.
Here are my needs with it

  1. I am a pitcher
  2. I prefer a larger glove ( like an outfielders glove ) to a smaller traditional pitchers glove
  3. It must be leather, none of this plastic stuff
  4. Would like soft leather ( or as easy to break in as possible, all rawlings gloves i have seen have felt like rocks )
  5. No Rawlings unless someone here says it is a great glove
  6. Would like it to be as cheap as possible

Also i have heard good things about Mizuno, any oppinions?


My recommendation for a good glove would be the akadema prosoft.

It runs about 70 bucks which isn’t bad at all. I had it broken in the way i liked it in a few weeks, but it was playable in about a week if your in a hurry. Very comfortable light glove, and very soft inside.
You can get those in 12" or 13", I would recommend a 12" because you can use one in every spot basically, and there not small, but not overly large either.

i just bought i mizuno tech fire. it’s not a pro glove but it feels great and is reasonably priced at $100cnd.

Just bought my 13 yr old pitcher a very nice new glove…$30 from WalMart. This won’t be the coolest , most expensive glove on the field but for what a pitcher needs it for it’s more than adaquate. Just want to let any of you youngsters posting know that you do have options other than spending between $100-200 for a glove…anything that will hide/catch the ball will do!

I’m not going to recommend brands, but I will recommend features. A pitchers’ gloves should be 11-3/4 to 12 inches, closed web (to hide the pitch), and one color (all brown, all black).

If you are a guy, like me, who leaves your index finger outside of the back of your glove, then do try to get a covering for it. Often, without knowing it, pitchers will tip off their off-speed pitches by making subtle movements with their index finger. If it’s covered, however, those movements are shielded from view.

Rawlings are fine gloves, as are Mizuno. Wilson’s tend to be on the heavy side while Akadema tend to be a bit lighter in weight. Another company, comparable to Akadema, is Yennaco. These gloves are made by Jay Yennaco, a friend and former Chicago Cubs player.

I have a great glove (dare I say it, a ‘Rawlings’), and it is soft out of the box, one of the ‘Heritage Series’ gloves. You should be able to find these gloves at many web sites, and they are reasonably priced at around $60 (and less if you search a little). This glove required no break in, feeling great from day one. Definitely worth checking out!

I play mostly 2B and pitch but have played some 1B, SS, 3B and OF.The glove i have is the one Derek Jeter has (he’s a copycat 8) ) is great. Its a Rawlings “Heart of the Hide”. Its all black with brown laces and is 11.5 inches. I’ve had it for 6 years of Spring Summer and Fall Baseball and still looks almost brand new. I highly reccomend it.

I have a Rawlings, 11.5". It is from THE BULL SERIES. It is a great glove, I paid $35 dollars for it.

When I first used it, it was hard as rock, but after playing catch for 1 week or so it was in good shape. I recommend it. It is not that expensive and it is a great glove.

It has a closed back and closed web, to hide the grip.

I leave my index finger out of the glove and I didn’t know about what Steven Ellis said about the index finger making subtle movements on off-speed pitches. This glove does not have a covering for the index finger.

I also have a Wilson, 12". I paid 25$ on this one and it is a good, and not too expensive glove.

If you dont mind a glove being a little heavier, try a Nokona, I love mine.

So I finally bought my glove today! I got a Mizuno GMVP 1200, 12.00 inch. I went to my local sports authority, tried on a bunch of gloves, and this one felt great. It doesnt seem like it will need much breaking in, maybe just allitle oil in the “triangle” ( where the ball tends to crease ) ( its still alot better than my old glove ). I got it onsale for $80 ( $100 regular )

nokona and rawlings heart of the hides are two of the best. If you’re a serious baseball player and are sticking with it, you might want to invest in a better glove than $30 from wal-mart. Yes those will probably catch the ball for a little while, but it’s not going to age very well at all. If you’re a high school player whos thinking about going to college, you’ll want a high quality glove. Plus, it’s hard to be proud of a wal-mart glove. If you’ve got a top heart of the hide you won’t lose it. You’ll be more inclined to take car of it and make it last. It’s your livelyhood you know!
Just what I think