Im going to be starting a pitching game log and ill update you guys each week on how i pitched

ive started this 8 games in but ill start now

game 8
innings: 2
strikeouts: 2
runs: 0
walks: 0
hits: 0
I came in relief today and with 1 out bases loaded i got 1 shallow flyout and 1 strikeout and then i came in for the last inning and got 2 flyouts and 1 strikeout

sorry guys my team hasn’t played due to rain but heres my stats for today
balls: 24
strikes: 38
pitches: 62
batters faced: 17
Hits: 8
today i felt good but was trying to control the ball more than velocity in the first inning but then came out for my second dig and pitched 10 strikes out of 14 because i turned the velocity back on and i was outstanding in that inning and for the first time i tried out my developing knuckle curve and i got 1 swinging strike out of 3 attempts
all together a good day

i haven’t played in a while due to being on holidays but came back today better than ever
balls: 14
strikes: 48
pitches: 62
batters faced: 4
today was by far my best outing ever i went five innings pitching. i had a couple strikeouts and no walks this was also my longest outing by innings because usually me i start the game and pitch 3 innings and then another pitcher come in for 3 because our coach wants to give us both a go but today that kid wasn’t here so i had green light to pitch a complete game all round great day

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i didn’t get the exact stats stats for today due to today being very bad because my team lost and and that lose takes us out of the finals so our season is done but for me today i had alot working but some dodgy errors by fielders cost me i was using my changeup more than usual which helped rack up a few strikeouts but the balls that were hit went to fielders who did not produce outs but anyway a ok day i was hoping we could go through a bit further but it didnt happen.
ill be back with my summer season in 2 months but i may put up some videos of me practise pitching in the offseason

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i have finally got my ptching stats for this season her it is
innings: 24
hits: 52
walks: 28
runs scored (earned and un-earned): 49
batters faced: 156
balls: 229
strikes: 331
pitches: 560
pitch%: 59.11
hit avg: 2.17

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