I'm basically a beginner on pitching... any tips

I used to be an OF before I learned the mechanics of pitching. I actually top out at 81mph while staying in 77mph range… not too shabby I guess.

The thing is that I only pitched once in my life and I was very out of control. I’m lucky not to allow any runs that game… but allowed 5 walks in 2IP.

Is there any tips that I can take in the next time I get to the mound? I actually practice for good amount of time, but I’m hoping that I can carry it to game situation, thanks

Build good consistent mechanics should be your first priority.

That’s a pretty broad question and difficult to answer without knowing anything about you. Posting some video of yourself pitching would allow you receive feedback on your mechanics. Otherwise, I’m sure folks can offer up some general tips or maybe some mental tips.

Nice comments, Coach!

And welcome aboard!

[quote=“Roger”]Nice comments, Coach!

And welcome aboard![/quote]
Why thank you :smiley:

I’m currently learning to repeat my delivery consistent. I study with Nyman’s material… good stuff. My velocity’s up to about 77~81mph range.

Just a quick question, how do you control the pitch? I sometimes get my release point way off the target and it gets too high. Thanks

A high release point can be caused by opening up early (which, itself, is a timing problem). Opening up early often leads to an inappropriate late posture change which pulls the release point back and raises it up.