I'm a poet, not a pitcher

Hi, I’m J-Mag Guthrie and I write poetry about baseball. There is a book of my poetry available from Amazon and other online sites.

I’m not here to sell you the book.

I’m here to learn about pitching so I can write about it better.

There’s a link to my blog in my signature.

Will y’all help me?

Here’s a haiku I wrote about a fastball:

[color=darkred]razor-sharp fastball
slicing through the batter’s swing
a horsehide scalpel


Your haiku is cool. 8)

And so is your avatar.

Glad to have you aboard.

Thank you Roger. I’m glad to be here.

Does this forum support personal messages? I’d like to ask you about a piece that I’m working on.

Yes just look at the bottom of his post and click on where it says PM. This should allow you to send him a message.