I'm 13 6'0 145lbs & wondering if I throw avg spd

Im 13,6’0, 145lbs, and I pitch 70-74 on a regular. I was wondering if this is good speed for an 8th grader. I play for my high school team and I’ve only pitched once but I was a good force and threw strikes.

If I were you I would work out more. I’m in 8th grade I pitch for high school as well. I’m 13 years old and I’m 5’9 150lbs. I throw about 85 mph. My curveball is 75. It’s not too late to start. Do a lot of leg workouts.

If you truly throw 85 at 13, then your agent probably already told you how you compare against your age group. Don’t come here for people to be amazed. Post a video with the radar gun, then we can talk more.


Well said coach

Continue to work at it. You seem to be at a good place as far as velocity. In my humble opinion if you get to the 80+ mph and know how to locate your fastball by age 15 you will be doing fine.

I want to see a video too. Doesn’t even need to have radar included.

So you think you can post a video?