Illegal pitch?

A Little League pitcher comes to a set position, takes the pivot foot off the rubber and quick steps about six to eight inches forward then back to the rubber again and than delivers the pitch. To me this appears to be an illegal pitch, I’ve only seen one pitcher doing this, and it looks to throw off the batter.

I’ve been to a few games so far this summer, and I’ve seen the same thing - especially on public ball fields. Yet, no call from either the plate umpire or the base umpire of an illegal pitch.

Reason - the understanding was prior to the games that the area in front of the pitcher’s rubber was so badly worn down, a hole in fact, that the slanting dirt in front of the rubber made it very difficult for any youngster to get a decent footing, much less his/her balance at the get go.

Flexibility with the rules here may be the issue. But, seeing how your situation may be a bit different, I can only guess that this may be the case where you are.

On the other hand, the youngster could have seen this, or something similar, performed by a Major League player on TV with no quesitons asked, so the kiddo liked the style and is trying to copy it. Just a guess.

In any event, the younger players are usually given a wide set of limits when playing. If not, it can be a long night for everybody.

Great observation and question though.

Coach B.

In AA and lower they do give more flexibility, AAA starting about 11U the AAA and above expects that the rules be followed and depending on the umpire then a balk would be called, my kid got away with one of those this year at 13u AAA though.

yes at the windup start his nfoot is on the rubber