If you were to get drafted?

If you were to get drafted who would you want to get drafted by?I would pick the D-Rays they need some talent in the bullpen besides Dan Wheeler.

i would want to be drafted by my hom town team

Yankees! Not only because there my favorite team but I would get to live in New York!

If not the Yankees then the Twins probably.

Either Atlanta, because they’re my favorite team, or the Rangers because even though I’m not a fan, I’ve been to 5 or 6 games, because I live in Arkansas and it’s the closest MLB team.

The Yankees, favorite team. It’s my dream to play for them. If not them then a National League team so I wouldn’t have to compete against the Yankees and so I could bat.

I am from Indiana and would have loved the cubs, but fortunately for me my named was called int he 18th round by the Texas Rangers and I would have to say that it was one of the most wonderful feelings a baseball player could have. I wish all of you on this board to keep reaching for your dream and never let anyone tell you you can’t do something

-Ryan Tatusko

Yankees. Favorite team since childhood, good team already, and the stadium is within walking distance from my house, so why not? :slight_smile:

Honestly, I don’t care who takes me as long as I get to that level.

Considering im a huge red sox fan and live in mass. i would want to be picked by the sox.

But really any american league team would be awesome (i hate hitting and stink at it) expect the yanks of course.


At a boy Houston all the way!!! but if not hem the Reds or a team in the American Leage.

The Tigers, because I like in the D, but my next choice would be the Red Sox. I can just imagine how awesome playing at Fenway would be…

I’d say the Braves, D-Rays or the Yankees. Atlanta is my favorite team, i’d like to bring a team to the WS, and i hate the Yankees, but it’d be darn cool to put on the pinstripes.

Padres, Angels, Yankees, BoSox for me!


The Blue Jays because there my favorite team and its a Canadian or Boston because there my second favorite team but I wouldent really care I would just be playing in the MLB