If you have shoulder or elbow problems please read this

Ok to start off I think everyone should be using TUBING BEFORE AND AFTER GAME.

Reasons why this will help end injury’s is if you don’t activate the muscle beforeyou throw then you will not be able to get the arm to be able to throw at high velocity.

My history with injury’s are: Note ive been doing the tubing and haven’t got injuryed since.

Injurys have been in the past

Medil Epicondlytis {PAIN IN INNER ELBOW}
Tired Shoulder after tired shoulder
Always got pain in the shoulder

All of this was gone a way after starting tubing exercises before and after game.

Before game I do 4-5 exercises The game with 10 reps.
After 4-5 exercises game 15 reps

Right now as my injurys go since The TUBING

Stronger then ever
No pain
Pitching to the best of my ability because of No Pain and a stronger arm from the tubing.

When the rest of your teamates have tired arms you have the healthyest one and can out preform them because you have your stuff longer in the game and they don’t.

This is something that has saved me from injurys and i hope everyone will notice that this works and MLB players are using it more and more.

A couple MLB players using this right now
Barry Zito
Jason Hirsh
Arron Harrang
Johnathan Paplebon
And many more…

tubing doesnt solve everything buddy. :smiley:

No it might not solve an injury that you have currently but as soon as you heal if you use tubing before and after the game it will decrease your chances of getting injured and it has helped me more than anything else. Tubing does work to keep the arm healthy and not getting a sore/tired arm. All my other teamates have sore arms i don’t because I use the tubing Inseaon.

what exact exercises do you do with the tubing?

intuernal rotation
external rotation
90* internal rotation
90* external rotation

There’s a video of common tubing exercises I did here: