If u have big biceps does that slow down your pitching

ok i use to do a lot of curls to get stronger and get big biceps a lot of coaches told me not to do them no more big ill loose speed and that extra muscle will make the ball go down should i just do pitching excersises

Well, I am not a physiologist, but from what I see big bulky muscles do not help with velocity. If you look at most big league pitchers, they do not have really buff arms. I think that muscle density makes it harder to completely relax the arm and get a “whip-like” action toward the plate. An old pitching instructor used the analogy of getting hit with a big piece of plywood or a whip. Obviously the whip is moving much faster.

I would check out Ross Enamait’s site:

He uses a lot of bodyweight and other excercises to maximize strength and overall fitness.

Big biceps won’t necessarily hurt your velocity but it could. It certainly will not help increase your velocity.