If only we could all be such regular guys


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So true…I’ll have alot of questions for The Man Upstairs about situations like this. Sometimes we have to fight the feeling that everything has to be explained. It doesn’t.

This reminds me so much of my coach who passed away this year, he didn’t go out doing anything extraordinary like that but boy when they talked about his will to help youngsters out with baseball and teach them not only about baseball but life you know that just reminded me of Ole’ Rossco.

Thanks for posting that JD

I knew it would hit a spot of a few folks…you being one Pustulio old boy :wink:

The mans life and deed have to be explanation enough…He stepped up…did the right thing…paid a price for it…my bet was with utter disregard for that price.
One of the reasons that I have coached all those years (I think maybe even more are in the tank 8) is that no matter what your belief structure…kids are close to God…they are simple creatures…I’ve heard it said and believe it true, that the innocence of an infant has to do with his or her recent proximity to the Almighty…this fades with age…until they become “knowing” in the ways of man…but to glimpse and be in the prescence of such goodness (Even though it may be picking a booger or having a farting contest :shock: ) is a priviledge…this man…this “Coach”…lived and knew this priviledge…my bet he’s not asking questions to his maker…but like I intend…is shaking his hand profusely…thanking him for that honor and privledge…cuz that is certainly what I intend…to thank him for letting me see it…to feel what it is like to be around humans (Albeit little ones) with no other thought than love and joy at being there.
One of my favorite bands (Widespread Panic) wrote a song that inspires me…It’s called “Ain’t Life Grand”…in it there is a lyric that just always gets a smile out of me…it goes; And in my mind I was a child…And it felt good…Ain’t Life Grand