If I put in hard work, could I pitch in the MLB (details)?

I just turned 15. I have not had any instruction or injury, except for a winter class last year that taught improper mechanics, and had me immediately throwing 120 feet; this lead to inflammation and I went to a couple weeks of PT, as a precaution. My height is 5 foot 10, and I am done growing. I am going of natural strength, and can throw low 70s with accuracy and movement. Here are my mechanics:

I am wiling to put in full effort, as long as I am not wasting time. I started working out once a little over a year ago, and had visible results (by others saying) within a couple weeks; less than a month. I ended up quitting, as I was busy and just never got back to it. I currently can regularly throw 150ish game pitches, and have my arm feel fine. As of family, my father played, and quit around my age, although was able to throw close to 90s being four inches shorter than me.

That’s great man! If you put in a lot hours of a lot of hard good work practicing and devote most of your time to it, I’m sure you will be able to make it to the MLB. Scouts look for hard working pitchers that can really light up the radar gun. Keep at it man!

I’m 15 too with good velocity, movement, and am also willing to put in work as long as its not a waste of time.

Thanks. I’m hoping to get that up, as for D1 15 should be consistently hitting 75 I’ve heard, meaning I should be hitting 80 this spring… Which even with working out doesn’t seem Probable unless I can get my mechanics together although they aren’t any good coaches nearby.

No worries, I hope everything goes well for you!

You will never know whether it was worth it until it’s too late. You don’t sound like you are willing to take the chance and do the work unless you are guaranteed of success.

Noone can predict the future but if you have the dream, ride it for as long as you can. Better to try and fail than to never try and always wonder if you could have.

Oh, and you need some work on your glove side - it flies open and causes other issues.


Agree with Roger on the glove side.
At 15 thinking about MLB is fun but sort of like thinking about running an ultimate marathon of 100 miles when you’ve started jogging recently.
There are as many roads guys have taken to pro ball as there are pro ball players. The fact that there are more nuerosurgeons in America than starting pitchers in MLB…well, it is a brutally tough goal.
Perhaps a better mind set is to think about preparing for the next step, the next challenge as well as possible, work hard, stay humble and see where those traits can lead you in the game.


I’ve got to agree with you on that fearsomefour.

Will do, thanks!