Ideal size for a power pitcher?

Hey guys, what do you think the perfect size for a power pitcher is? I completely understand that is not the only factor in how hard a pitcher throws, Lincecum and R. Johnson both throw/threw 98+ with proper mechanics, but size does have some effect. So I’m just saying, if you were to create the perfect power pitcher who throws triple digit heat, how tall would he be? I would say the sweet spot would be between 6’2"-6’5", but thats just where I happen to notice the majority of the guys who throw really hard happen to fall. My ideal body would be Josh Becketts, 6’5" 220.

On a more personal note, my growth plate chart puts me at about 6’2" or 6’3", which is still plenty tall enough for me.

Not sure to be honest. We played against a team whos starter was probably 6"0-6"2 and threw mid to high 80’s. Their reliever was 6"6-6"7 just this giant on the mound. We figured if that first kid was pumping it in there 85-86 that this kid would touch 90 with ease. We were WAY off. He was barely hitting 70. I don’t know he could just be a case of someone being that big but not having the proper co-ordination, I’m not sure.

Yea I know that size isn’t a guarentee, but when you create a pitcher in a baseball videogame, how tall do you make him?

lol either really tall and skinny or really short and fat lol. It doesn’t really matter in a video game because any body type can throw 100.

Big legs and a strong core and great mechanics is what you really need i think.

i no any pitcher can be any size and be good or bad. but when i think of a power pitcher i think 6-4 or taller and 220 or heavier. as a control pitcher i think shorter than 6-3 and lighter than 210

i kind of like guys like eric gagne or c.c. sabbathia you know tall and real big guys.