Idea for next season

Okay now as most of you know I throw a knuckleball. First off I feel like I might have given you guys the wrong impression. I’m not what you call a pure knuckleballer. I throw a lot of fastballs and curveballs. Especially the first time through the game, I don’t like exposing the knuckler until later in the game.

So anyways I thought maybe I should develop a good change-up for first time through the order so I have an off-speed pitch to throw before I bring out the knuckleball second time through. Because my curveball isn’t exactly consistant. In fact I use it almost like an off-speed, I was thinking though that it is easier to wait on if you see the spin.

Also even though I throw a couple kinds of fastballs and will try other ones in games I try to keep them off-balance. I wan’t to get my 2-seamer moving better and get a cutter.

if you can get a changeup to be better than the curveball, then stick with FB, CH, KN

FB, CH are a good combo

back then a lot of people used knuckleballs as changeups

It’s up to you, just make sure you balance out your practice of all pitches so you can develope consistency. Just keep throwing fastballs and mix it in with the other stuff.

Fastball and change-up…best combination in baseball

The whole idea is to try and baffle the other lineup by using the knuckler later on but, the first time through the order get a change and some other moving pitch like a cutter.

About how fast do you throw your pitches?

Fastballs: Around 75, sometimes higher or lower
Knuckleball: Low 60s sometimes mixing in a high 50s to change speeds.
Curve: Mid 60s.

I’m not sure about the change up I’m working on though.