Every year until now I would ice my arm after pitching. I would have the usual soreness for two or three days and be good. Starting this year I havent iced at all and just ran and stretched frequently and have found myself sore-free by the end of the second day. Do you guys recommend icing, stretching, or is there a better way to recovery?

In general, light cardio should be mandatory while icing is optional. Clearly, what you’re doing now is working so stick with it.

100% correct.

Here’s the thing that confuses a lot of young pitchers- 19 and below, about icing.

If I’ve been told once … I’ve been told a billion times …" but coach, the guys in the Majors ice their shoulders and arms all the time!"


They (all of em) do not ice their arms and shoulders all the time. Icing is a quick fix for reducing swelling caused by tremendous use… over and over again. What YOU DON’T SEE are the multi-million dollar Jacuzzis, spa tubs, whirlpool basins and therapeutic facilities that these guys enter into AFTER the press conferences and such.

EVERY pitching coach worth his/her salt has a jog, exercise, and therapeutic routine for everybody, and I do mean everybody. Regardless if a pitcher has pitched or not. Even Steven Ellis was no exception to this strict rule. And rightfully so … in his day with the pros, he was among the best in the business… and was treaded accordingly.

Look, pitchers at the DI and some other college levels, minor league and definitely at the Major’s level are finely tune thoroughbreds. And like thoroughbreds they are condition to perform … and thus… are treated with a plan to support that condition.

I always had my total rotation … regardless who is or is not pitching, hit the field, or treadmill, exercise bike, and get the cardiovascular system (heart, blood, etc) going so blood rich oxygen feeds the body. If we’re away and certain facilities are not available or offered for our use, I improvise with portable equipment, and use the shower facilities
at the stadium or hotel to serve as temporary warm hydro (water) muscle massages and relaxes.

As far as icing is concerned – if a pitcher wants it… I don’t argue. But, under no circumstances is he going to subordinate that (icing) for the scheduled regiment that follows… like I outlined above

Did my response here address your question totally? I just want to make sure you understand my answer and your take on it.

Also, let’s get something straight here about the BEFORE aspect of starting a game… rather than icing after. If your not in condition … I mean total condition, to pitch and pitch properly for the level that you at, icing or not, will serve you no purpose. Make sure your body is tuned properly with diet and excercise, good pitching habits, and throw as much as you can… 2/3 game speed to condition your body to accept this demand, with reasonable rest periods in between.

Coach B.

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I have never iced my arm and my arm is never sore. A lot of MLB pitchers don’t ice there arm which is best for the arm. Clemens, Lincecum, Maddux, and Pedro Martinez I know for a fact didn’t use ice. Three of those pitchers are the in the top 20 of greatest pitchers of alltime, and Timmy is on his way too.

you guys more than answered my question haha thank you for that. Currently I am following Steves program and it is working out great for me, i feel stronger than ever and dont get tired on the mound like I used to. My recovery is twice as fast as before as well. Im sure if I have anymore questions this will be the place I go. Thanks