icing your arm


hey i was wondering how long you should ice you arm and what would happen if you kept the ice on too long?


do the exercises I posted in the thread right before this and you wont need to ice your arm…

no evidence that it works…


Max 15-20 minutes on the shoulder and 10-15 minutes on the elbow. My understanding is that it is possible to damage nerves by icing too long. The elbow is iced for a shorter time because there is less flesh in and around the elbow.


This is from Dr. Fleisig at ASMI:

"This is a good question, and one we get asked a lot. We reviewed the literature, and didn’t find much scientific testing of what icing does after pitching. The only good research we found were a couple of papers by Yanagisawa et al. in J Sports Med Phys Fitness. (2003). Their findings suggested that icing with light exercise after pitching, reduces delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), and helps in recovery of strength.

ASMI then conducted a survey among head trainers in Major League Baseball (currently unpublished). The survey found that almost all of them use icing routinely for pitcher struggling with injuries. About half of the trainers used ice for their healthy pitchers too, while the other half didn’t.

Thus, at this point, our recommendations are as follows:

If your pitcher has some elbow or shoulder problems these days, go ahead and ice - at least the affected joint.

If your pitcher is healthy, he can experiment to see if he finds icing helpful or not. We suggest going with his feedback. When in doubt, you might as well ice.

If you ice, it is perhaps best coupled with light exercise or some other modality (such as massage of the arm).

Typical icing for the elbow is about 15 minutes, and for the shoulder is 15-20 minutes.

Icing and other modalities are best under the care of an athletic trainer."


Hey guys new here.
We actually just started doing ice, heat,ice for soreness and just light ice 10 - 15 minutes after workouts ( young players ) which has seemed to work out great.