Icey hot question...before/after game

I recently had a should impingement that i rehabbed all winter, my first game was last saturday and my arm was strong at the beginning of the game but fatigued quick, got sore halfway through, kinda weak

now I’ve iced my arm everyday after any type of throwing with the rehab or if i’ve had a practice…ANYTHING that involved a throwing whether a minimal amount or alot i have iced my arm

would anyone recommend i use icey hot before or after the game?

I’ve actually got it on my arm right now (thursday), and i’ll be lifting weights later on (chest/shoulders/rc) and then i’ll be icing after i lift

i usually do some stretching (sleeper stretch) at home and some light weight work with my shoulder before a game just to warm it up a bit, could icey hot help?

I am no expert, but I would definately not recommend using icey hot before throwing. My reasoning is that if you have pain in your joints, then there could be some damage. The icey hot will eliminate the pain and allow you to throw hard, over using a damaged area and possibly furthering injury. remember just my 2 cents, in not a doctor (yet)

Steven wrote a good article about icing here.

About IcyHot:
I’d agree with gknowels. If you are using it every once in a while to take the pain out of a sore arm, thats not bad. But using it to mask a possible injury to your throwing arm is overkill. Post game running would be more beneficial to your health than the ICYhot.