Icey hot before/after workout?

i’ve got a related post in the injury forum

I’ve had a shoulder injury recently, and was just wondering whether anyone would advise icey hot before or after a workout…guys on a bodybuilding recommended it before AND after a workout

I will generally ice my shoulder after a “push” day


I’ve never used any of these creams before, but some of the players would use it before the game to loosen up there arm. But, then again, some of them also dealt with pain in there arm due to poor mechanics.

One that I’ve been looking into is a product called Flex Power. You’ve probably heard about it if you’ve seen some of the members on mention it in there posts.

Also, USP labs Cissus RX seems to be a pretty good product; in conjunction with flex power, could be very effecting in alleviating pain, and healing it.

I plan on buying these products in about a month.

Alright. I had surgery a year and a half ago tommy john and while recovering this year and during the season i did put icy hot and things of that nature on my arm before workouts. From what a doctor told me im told icy hot and biofreeze and other things like that dont technically loosen up the arm as warming up and streching does but does warm the muscles up just as playing in warm weather. The way he explained it to me was take someone who is injured in cold weather and put them in warm weather and they immediately feel better. Same thign with these. I dont know much on using it after. But using it before can help tho just as using pain killers before you throw watch using it too much if its something you hvae to use several times day it may not be a good thing. Hope i could help