iceing your arm

Is it good to ice your arm every night even if you don’t pitch?

8th grade
fastball 80-83

Are you icing because it hurts?

If you’re going to ice every night, I’d alternate between ice and heat. 20 min ice, 20 min heat. Repeat, if you’ve got the time. But end on heat.

the only time I ice is when i throw a bullpen or long toss

I think Steven would agree with me here, but you really only need to ice your arm after pitching if you are planning on pitching in the immediate future (i.e. 2-3 days later). The best thing you can do when you are done pitching is stretch like crazy. Get the lactic acid out of your muscles so they are not as sore the next day. I have not iced one time this year and my recovery time is 2 days because of stretching.

An ex-pro baller gave me some advice on how they would get the lactic acid out of their arms after a start. Take your arm above your head and lay it flat on the wall. Have your dad, brother, sister, gf, whatever spread some type of lubricant on your arm and dig their knuckles up and down your arm. This will be fairly uncomfortable, but you will get used to it, and it will pay off in your recovery.

Actually, I’ve read that lactic acid is not the problem with pitching. Pitching is an anaerobic, alactic activity. Short bursts of exertion, therefore, no lactic buildup. It is sometimes recommended to run afterwards but not to remove lactic acid, rather other waste products.

Yes, I have heard both sides of that argument, but either way, lactic acid or waste products, you still need to get them out of your muscles.

Then some light cardio work would be in order. Stretching will aid flexibility.

I do jobes the night that i pitch and i usually feel good the next day a little sore. i try not to ice unless i feel a little tendonitus in my elbow.

I don’t post much…but I wanted to throw my 2 cents in here…

All through high school I lived the icing routine, don’t know that it ever felt like it did any good. Since then I’ve only been playing sunday league, although quite regularly and throwing 3-5 days of the week with bullpens etc. I’m 5’11" 150 lbs throwing 82-85, so I’m super skinny and asking quite a bit from my arm.

I’ve noticed a DRAMATIC difference since I stopped static stretching, stopped pumping ibuprofen, stopped icing and started…running before/after.

My routine used to be a quick warm up jog then into my 20-30 min of stretching/bands/throwing. Then pitch, go home and pop some ibuprofin and ice.

I’ve since changed to a more drawn out warm up run, enough to break a good sweat, get a good heart rate achieved and kept up, and get my entire body feeling warmed up. I then completely skip the static stretching of any of my limbs instead go into lunge/karaoke’s/arm circles etc, dynamic type stuff. By this point my heart rate is still up, I’m still breathing somewhat heavily and my body feels already much better than it would pre-game with my old stretching routine. I’m ready to throw. I have noticed that I tend to take more time getting my arm/back/legs loose throwing than I used to when I was static stretching.

After pitching I’ll take 5 min or so to sit down and collect myself then its off to the outfield between innings to run some poles and get my heart rate back up and get things flushed. I skip the ice at home, skip the ibuprofen…but constantly work range of motion type exercises slowly and gingerly keeping things from getting too stiff.

I’ve read into all kinds of things from all kinds of people, online and in print. I don’t really subscribe to any one persons teachings, I’m not a huge fan of any of the “guru’s” but rather choose to take all the information I can find in and make my own logical decisions based on my personal experience. I’ve only gotten OLDER, when I was 18 if I threw 100+ pitches(at 75mph or so) I wouldn’t pick up a baseball for two days because it was just too sore to throw…today at 25 I can throw 100+ at 82-85 and be fine to take infield and play catch the next day…both legs and arm/shoulder/back.

I’ll try to explain why I think these changes have helped me personally and you can take it how you will.

The warm up run, gets the blood pumping…makes tons of sense to me that it gets the body and its related tissues ready to perform rather than just getting them stretched out.

Dynamic stretches over static, why stretch 2-3 muscles past their point they need to be when you can get the whole muscle group ready for its specific activities? I honestly feel this has added to my increase in velocity, that or its just the overall better shape of my body due to the changes in warm up/recovery. I’ve made ZERO changes in my workout, I don’ have one.

The cool down run, flush the bad stuff, get blood back into the entire body including the parts that are pissed off. I feel this is a very very very important part of the routine. The difference in soreness with and without a cool down run after throwing is pretty significant.

Ice, unless something is HURT your body is pumping blood to the part of the body that need it for rebuilding/repair…why inhibit this? The same idea with ibuprofen, its an anti-inflammatory…but your body is inflaming the arm/albow/shoulder for a reason, unless there is an actual injury or you need to make pain go away why inhibit the natural repair process?

I’m not saying I’m right and everyone is wrong, I’m not saying what I’m doing is the end all be all. I’m just offering my experience hoping that it could help someone make a decision based on how they want to deal with their recovery.