Iceing your arm night before you pitch

should you ice your arm the night before you pitch

I see no benefit in doing that. If you have some swelling that needs to be reduced, you probably shouldn’t be pitching.

Yes I agree I was told by trainers never to ice before a start.

We are all aware that what works for one may not work for another. Ice after an injury helps to slow swelling and blood flow to the area. Heat then must do just the opposite. Some injuries respond better with a combination ie. a whirlpool bath with 103 degree hot water aside another with a cold fill. As to using one or the other the night before the game needs better examination. Some might question a heat potion massage after every game or practice, except when injury is involved , to lessen arm problems . It has worked for many athletes.

i always just wait a few hours after i pitch then use some sort of heat on the sore areas… i never use ice unless i get injured i dont like using ice. :wink: