Ice VS Heat

when your sore or feeling pain do you use ice of heat or a combination?

[quote=“Jasonlinaker”]when your sore or feeling pain do you use ice of heat or a combination?[/quote]ice

Heat before pitching. Ice after pitching. NEVER reversed!

20 min on, 20 min off for both.

I’m the same as Steve.

Heat BEFORE- helps loosen everything up
Ice AFTER- helps cut down on inflammation

Steve’s right…

If your going to do something before pitching, you should heat…

After pitching you could ice…

I really don’t think either of these are completely necessary. To me, if you have to heat before your throwing, your probably not warming up properly…or enough…

I guarantee two advil are better for inflamation than ice. Not to mention with no ice, the bloodflow will continue in the shoulder and elbow.

After pitching, Tom House and the NPA recommend some light cardio work to increase blood flow and help jump star the recovery process. Ice is optional. You should not ice only.

Like Roger said, some cardio is nice after pitching. Helps the blood flow ever more and cuts down on lactic acid build up in the arm.

Cut down on your bullpens and stop throwing so much junk at 15 and you shouldn’t be feeling as sore.

motrin with NSAID, ice when im feelin REALLY bad

only ice if your feeling pain, you should be running 16-20 poles after you pitch, regardless of how many pitches, know the difference between pain and soreness, if your sore, thats running that will help, if you have pain, ice…running is the perfect thing to take soreness away and get a good workout in so i suggest running, why are you asking this? are you feeling pain?

guys we all know that steve is right b/c he’s been up there in the league he obv. knows what he’s talkin about. I read somewhere that you should also do some tube exercises or light dumbell exercises as well as a light 10 minute run or ride a bike