Ice and Heat


Would you recommend a pitcher to use heat on his arm before he throws to loosen up the muscles?

Would you recommend a pitcher to use ice on his arm after he throws?


I would not ice after throwing. I’d do a dynamic warm down. Keep those joints and muscles moving to flush out toxins and aid blood flow through the area. You will have much less stiffness the next day. If you currently ice, you know how you feel the next day. Try doing what I suggest just once, feel the difference the next day, and you won’t ice again as a part of routine or habit.


For the dynamic warm up is it the same thing you do for dynamic warm up?


arm circles, jumping jacks, toe touches, karaokes, and some light stretching exercises like walking lunges for a total of 5 mins after you are done on the mound. not looking to max out the number of reps or anything…just a very light sweat.