Ian Pitching Mechanics 11U


Can you take a look and see what you might suggest to improve technique especially in ways to increase velocity? Thanks in advance for your help.


He is WAY open with his front leg. Put a piece of duct tape down the center mound directly toward home. He needs to land with his foot on the line and his toe pointed at or within 10-15° of the line toward home.

His glove is flopping around by his side. Get it up, out, and then work his body towards where his glove is (don’t pull the glove back to the body, work the body to the glove). The glove should end up somewhere around the armpit.


Yep, he is stepping open about 4-6 in and the glove needs to be better controlled. He has a size 8.5 foot so I intentionally put his back heel at the edge of the rubber and tell him to stay 6 in away from the edge. I was like you with the glove tuck at the armpit but recent articles from mechanics gurus are touting not tucking but rather something in between and repeatable. I believe stepping slightly closed might help some so that is on the radar but when he does get that right while practicing my radar gun doesn’t spin any higher, lol. I really am hoping for other mechanics related improvements that may increase velocity. He throws 58-59 average and I have read of some changes that I might try from internet gurus but I hope to hear something from one of the pros here. Thank you your points are well taken and keep em coming.


Some good stuff.

For starters, I’d like to see him start from the stretch with his feet MUCH closer together. The feet should be no wider than shoulder width. And then when he comes set, he can lift his front foot and place straight back down or shorten by 2-4 inches.


The youth fields all use portable mounds very similar to the one above since they play baseball and softball on these city and county park complexes. Most of the pitchers stand wide before coming set out of habit from dealing with them. When he comes set on the video his feet are close to shoulder width but I see no problem in having him move his feet closer togeather. We are working on stepping slightly closed by a few inchs at foot strike as well. Was that all you saw that should be addressed? Thank you for your insight.


His head goes back towards second at the start of his delivery. His body then follows into knee lift and stops, then he begins towards home. It really makes it difficult to get moving fast back towards home. I would start with cleaning up the start of the delivery, which may help clean up things that happen later. It should also help add velocity.

His head should only move towards home. Steve’s suggestion of moving the feet closer (not too close, but inside the shoulders) should help. He needs to get his butt moving towards home earlier and faster. Doing that should help with momentum and also stride direction. Personally I don’t like pitchers thinking about where they are landing. A proper thrust with the lower half moving towards home (think back pocket to target) should help. I would like to see him start moving forward before reaching max knee lift. I’m a big fan of the Hershiser drill and he looks like a perfect candidate.

Good luck. He looks like a good athlete. I hate those pimple mounds.


Good stuff, thank you! I will look up the drill you mentioned and start to work. I appreciate your input :+1:


Regarding velocity, I think I’m seeing hips and shoulders rotating together instead of hips before shoulders. I’m having a hard time seeing much hip and shoulder separation which is where most of a pitcher’s power comes from. But, I’m a firm believer in cleaning up the earliest parts of the delivery first so I wouldn’t work on this just yet.

I agree with the others on coming set with the feet closer together to eliminate the weight shift towards 2B before moving towards the target.

Also, watch the path his head moves at the beginning of the delivery. After the weight shift towards 2B, his head drops quite a bit before moving towards the target. This is wasted movement that makes him slower to the plate. And it wastes energy by directing some into the ground as he has to exert force downward to stop the drop. I would have him come set with some bend in the waist and knees to get him closer to having his head move only forward.

I also agree with the recommendation for the Hershiser drill plus I’d add in the cross-over drill. Search YouTube for these drills - they are Tom House/NPA drills. These drills will help him not only move forward sooner but will also help him lead with the front hip more through the early part of the delivery instead of opening up and reaching with the front leg/foot.

Work on these things for awhile and then see what effects they have downstream in the delivery.


Thanks Roger, more good stuff! When I looked up the Hershiser drill I realized I had seen it before… only didn’t remember the name. Tom House’s sight was where I ended up and I noted several other drills that we will add including the one you mention. Without trying to incorporate to many changes at one time I believe we can do as you and others suggest without seeming complicated and get his feet closer togeather and lower his body, initiate a stronger back pocket thrust and get his foot strike straight towards home. The hip to shoulder seperation aspect will probably affect his timing the most and will take time to get better I believe but is a very good point we will work at. I appreciate so much everyones input. Thank you!