I want to play college baseball. Any advice helps!


I am a senior in high school and I go to a small school where I play baseball and golf. I played golf since freshman year but just got back into baseball this year. I was good when I was younger and I threw to one of my friends and he said that I should play. So here I am. I am playing and I love it, its so much fun, so much better than I remember. My biggest issue, since I was a kid has been control. It is still my issue. I have a good pitching coach, so I think that he will be able to help me get that under control. My biggest issue this year has been just getting my arm back into shape. The first time I threw my arm felt “live”, but since then (almost 3 weeks) it hasn’t been at 100%. Probably 85% at its best. I think getting it back into shape will help me a lot. All this being said, I think I want to try and play college baseball. I want to know if anyone could give me some tips and ideas to help me achieve my goal. I am going to a Division 3 school, and my friend who is playing at a bigger school thought that I could at least play JV at my school. Right now, I think my velocity is mid to upper 70’s (with an out of shape arm) on my fastball and I have a curveball, kind of a power curve, that my coaches say is very good and has been my best pitch since I was a kid. I am also trying to develop a slider and perfect my changeup. I am playing legion ball this summer with my high school. What should I be doing to get me ready to try and play college baseball? I am 6’4" 240 lbs, kinda chubby :slight_smile: Should I focus on hitting the weight room and getting stronger? Focus on arm stuff and pitching? Losing weight? I just want to know what I can do to help me be able to play. Any advice at all is greatly, greatly appriciated!!!
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You mentioned that you have a GOOD pitching coach. This person is the one you should have this conversation with.

About asking us or anyone else these questions
If you’re going to work with and take advantage of all the knowhow, experience and knowledge of this pitching coach, just be mindful that every coach that I’ve ever known - including me, takes a dim view of having others thrown in a coach’s face with … " but coach, I was told to do this differently…" Ghost coaches are a pain the casabas… to put it bluntly.

Take the time to have a long conversation with this pitching coach and tell him exactly what you mentioned here.

Best wishes with your baseball experience.