I want to pitch at the highest level I can compete at!

I’d like to think I’m a late bloomer as far as pitching goes. With that being said, I want to find out if I can compete at a higher level than I have been over the last few years. I will be 38 years old this summer (july) but I can assure you I train as hard as any late teen / early 20-something player I’ve ever played alongside or met / known. I live in Westchester County NY and would love a shot to pitch with a team committed to winning. I’ve heard about the WRWBL but I have no contacts there and honestly don’t know if I have the stuff to compete there. Anybody from the NY/NYC area that is playing for a league that commands everything from them?

I would suggest that you contact them, find out what they’re looking for and whether they have something like a showcase or scheduled tryouts that you can attend, then set up an appointment to go out there and show them what you have and can do. Sometimes one has to take the initiative, make the first move, and nowis the time for you to do this. Don’t wait. 8)