I want to be an All - Star this season!

Hey all! I started a post in the General Advice section which has garnered a lot of views-over 300 to date-but very little response (in fact zero responses other than Zita, thanks Z!), so I thought this spot might be more appropriate. I’m not going to retype every character of the other thread but I do want to continue updating pitching stats as they occur. Aside from my new team’s success a REAL driving force behind my hard work has been a PERSONAL GOAL of making the All - Star team this season. I’m no rocket scientist, but my #'s (and I assure all of you this is every bit accurate, I also provide the link for the league’s website for you to read the info 1st hand) HAVE to make me a viable candidate for selection. Here they are thus far :

4 GS 3 CG 29 IP 15 H 5 R 0 ER 11 BB 24 K 0.90 WHIP 3W 1L 0.00ERA

Of the 15 hits allowed, 14 were singles & the other was a double. I have hit 1 batter this season. If you do look thru the sports pages I am Mike Tierney & I pitch for the 21+ Bronx Patriots.


Even with this amount of success, I wish I had access to a Steve Ellis or legitimate pitching coach because I am absolutely convinced with some refinement & minor tweaks I could find a few more MPH and experience even greater success.

Any feedback or comments from the gallery are welcome!!

only had a minute to peek in and check a few of the threads but felt led to comment on my surprise that i haven’t received a single comment. Thought for sure I would’ve heard from someone.

Just work harder than Steven Ellis like you are Scott Eyre and then he’ll respond to ya :smiley:

Sarcasm aside lol… I dont know what to tell ya? He’s problaby a busy man like most people are in this world. You can go hire a person that would be expensive or just KEEP ASKING AND SOMEONE WILL COME TO HELP BROTHA!

Put up a video in Pitching Mechanics and everyone will look for anything. It sounds like based on your stats your not that bad. Dont fix what isn’t broken! :slight_smile: try the video. Good luck!