I wanna add cleans to my workout

The only problem is i work one muscle group per day and cleans hit your legs, calves, forearms, back, traps, pretty much everything to a certain degree…so I’m having a hard time figuring out where to insert these into my routine

i alternate push/pull days so a typical week

day 1- chest
day 2- back
day 3- shoulders/abs
day 4- legs
day 5- triceps
day 6- biceps/forearms

every push day i’m also doing about 40 minutes of physical therapy on my rotators cuff (my PT told me i can do any exercise as long as it causes me no pain)

i’ll also randomly insert a rest day and it all depends on how i’m feeling as to where it goes…

my cardio is sprinting…i like to do 5 or 6 sets of sprinting 30 seconds, walking it off for a minute, then sprinting 30 seconds, etc…and i will finish will a minute long sprint…but i dont do any running on day 3, day 4, or day 5…or the day before, day of and day after a leg lifting day

Cleans go with legs. The main purpose of cleans is explosive hip extension. They should go at the beginning of your leg day. I wouldn’t add them unless you have been taught good technique by an expert. If you don’t have good technique they won’t help you much and your risk of injury is dramatically increased. If you do have good technique then they are a great exercise for power.