I think that baseball is having a hard time right now!

I know there is a lot of pressure to be as strong as possible for your sport, but I have major concerns for our youth and baseball. I think this video I found on bluecollarordie.com really hits the nail on the head.
Everyone should go check it out.


Ugh your right with that one.

My travel team just recently disbanded as my players are in high school now and high school sports take over. One of the last things I did as their coach was to talk to them about steroids. No doubt as the kids go through high school they will hear about 'roids, supplements, etc. Besides the legalality issue, I wanted to make sure they understood the negative health-related issues.

im pretty sure theres an article on stevens site that talks about the little gains high school pitchers will have from taking steriods. it also talks about the many problems that will arise

Im tellin you all that jazz is overated. Lookit your boy Clemens getting ratted out by his “boy” Pettit for taking the juice n god knows whatever else. WHat the game needs once and for all is a Vegetarian all natural bonafide 5 tool Baller that can show the kids how to man up n ball the way nature intended. Just wonder when he’ll sho up.

yup, i agree

When? … How about if.[/quote]

Prince Fielder? Lol, he never ate healthy to begin with…
Eating meat is good for your diet too…