I think I'm developing GERD, or acid reflux disease

I’m not sure what’s been going on, but for the past 3-4 days, I’ve been recieving light-severe chest pains. It’s like I’m having a heart attack. But, I’m only 17, how can this be? I’ve been trying to gain weight, and so far, I’m not doing too bad, but these past 3-4 days have been, well, a little rough at certain times of the day. My diet is pretty solid, and I avoid eating junk food-heck, I didn’t even have cake on my birthday because I had done a leg workout that day. Anyways, have any of you experienced something like this? I’ve been taking tums, but they don’t seem to be working. And Drinking quite a bit of milk, as I usually do-helps neutralize some of the acid, but still, nothing seems to be working. My b-day was the 13th of march, after that workout, I decided it was time to take a break from lifting, so I took a week off, and started lifting again yesterday. I began feeling the chest pains last saturday, atleast that’s the day I think I started to feel them. Any help would be appreciated. It’s in the lower part of the chest, middle-to left part-that’s why I’m a little worried.

Do you think my weightlifting is causing this? Do any of you have experience with this, or know someone who has had similar effects to what I’m having-and do they also weightlift?

I’m taking Controlled labs GreenBulge/whiteblood-Started taking this again yesterday-last time I took it was the 13th. GNC mens mega men, Flaxseed softgells, and ON whey protein.

It would be irresponsible for me to tell you what you have or don’t have. The only advice I’m willing to give is to see a doctor. It could be caused by a vast number of things but I can’t give you medical advice, especially over the internet. Good luck.

is your water intake high?

is the pain more in your chest or is it technically more around stomach…the upper left part by your ribcage?

I took green bulge/white blood recently and i had no problems but I’ve read that can comes some SEVERE cramping if your not drinking adequate amounts of water

No, it’s definitely not from the green bulge or white blood. Not feeling cramps or anything like that. And plus, I hadn’t taken it in about 4-5 days. I’m probably just experiencing bad heart burn. I haven’t changed my diet since then, but the pain isn’t as excruciating as it once was. I think the weightlifting has helped out. By the way, off topic, what do you think of the green bulge/whiteblood stack? I like it-works pretty good, and I’ve had some amazing pumps in the gym.

If the pain persists, and gets worse, I’ll go see a doctor. Until then, I’ll just see how my body responds in the next few weeks. It’s not as bad as it once was, so eating has become a more enjoyable experience.

Well, I usually aim for almost a gallon of water-if not more, but I don’t keep track anymore. I used to chug water, but it didn’t do any good for me, so now I just drink when I’m thirsty. Haven’t had any problems, so i’m happy.

Also, it was in the middle-left part of the lower chest-that’s why I was getting a little worried.

It worked really good for me, I had more energy when i was lifting and i had significant strength gains…I’ve been off it for maybe two weeks and my strength has gone back down a little bit but that’s expected

ever since i’ve been off it i feel my energy is down when lifting tho, might be because my calorie intake is a little lower now as well since i’m done with my winter bulking

Cool, yeah, I thought about trying the no-xplode stack, but read some great feed back on the controlled labs one-plus much cheaper! And, well, to say the least, it’s working pretty good, I think when I’m done with this cycle, I might do another one. Then take a break, by the way, did you take the white blood everyday? I only lift 3 days a week, so I just use it on my lifting days. Also, how did your bulking go, I’m assuming it went well? right now, I’m on about 4000-5000 calories a day.

i took green bulge and white blood everyday whether i worked out or not

if i was lifting then i’d take it about 45 minutes before the workout…but generally everyday i do something active, so if the least i did was go take some swings or something then i’d take it prior to doing something active

i started the winter at around 185 and got up to 215, i’ve already dropped back down to 205, but i’m probably gonna play at around 200

i’m 21 now so eventually i wanna become a solid 225 or 230

Your heart isnt liking something youve been putting in your body obviously.
Man id be real carefull drinking that milk.
Its not the same stuff people were drinking 30 years ago.

Acid alkaline balance my friend

LMAO! I fixed this a lonnng time ago…

Indigestion from my weight gain shake I was drinking at the time…

i use to have acid reflux disease, i grew out of it my doctor said, i use to have to have test like running tubes down my stomach to measure it so bad, i know it sounds crazy,

but try eating vinegar, its helps, like malt vinegar or pepper sauce or peepers like jalepenos or bananna pepper rings, makes you have a strong stomach.

[quote=“drew_14”]i use to have acid reflux disease, i grew out of it my doctor said, i use to have to have test like running tubes down my stomach to measure it so bad, i know it sounds crazy,

but try eating vinegar, its helps, like malt vinegar or pepper sauce or peepers like jalepenos or bananna pepper rings, makes you have a strong stomach.[/quote]

I do not deal with this problem any more, but thank you for the suggestions.

You are experincing acide reflex in ehich the stomach is producing to much gut acid. Milk, COke, Apples, will listen the pain, but whatever your taking is advising your stomach acid to overload the stomach causing the acid to run into the throat.

This post is a bit old, KATDOG.

I had that too. I quit taking so much protein (i had like 70 grams after a workout, not too smart on my part) and i have felt fine ever since. Now i take about 30-35 grams after my workouts and i no longer have stomach pains.

Hope everything has gotten better by now. i realize this was posted a while ago, just thought i’d put my 2 cents in.

i started gettin acid reflux problems towards the end of college, as you age your body just doesn’t deal with poor diet or laying down after eating as well anymore. Mine usually surfaced if i ate fast food or drank too much beer then laid down and slept\relaxed for a bit. Best solution i had for it was a big glass of cool water and just sitting up for a while. cleaning up my diet helped a lot thought. No more taco bell after 8pm.