I think I just discovered how to throw the Gyroball(Serious)

Ok, so I was messing around earlier today, throwing around a junkball to my brother. (For those of you who don’t know, this is a junkball http://www.toysahoyusa.com/img/910.jpg ) Anyway, earlier I watched a couple things on youtube about the Gyro,

And understand that the basis of the pitch is to look like a slider, but not move like the hitter is expecting, jamming said hitter. I’ve heard it was supposed to have a bullet like spin which reduces air resistance, and causes the ball to go straight. So just fooling around, I wrapped my fingers around the red part of the ball, like you would hold a curveball, so it was completely white on either side. And I threw it like a football, keeping my wrist straight. It came out of my hand, with a bullet like spin, and just went straight. My brother asked me how I threw a slider without making it move, and thats when I realised what I had just done. I threw some more, and got it to the point where it would come out of my hand and just shoot right in like a fastball.

Then I tried to throw it with a baseball, by grabbing the ball like a fourseam fastball, and throwing it like a football. My brother said he saw the red dot thing, but absolutely no movement. However, I can’t throw a slider, so I cannot say if it had the same spin as a slider.

If anyone here throws a good slider, get out there and give it a shot, just hold it like a four seamer and throw it like your throwing a football.

Heres a super slowmo look at the arm action on it.