I saw something today


I was watching a game of summer league ball, while my Mrs. was taking care of our new granddaughter.

In the third inning, the head coach of the team up to bat, called time, walked over to the UIC, then they both called out the other coach, and all three walked to the pitcher’s mound.

All three were on the edge of the mound - really a pile of dirt with a pitcher’s rubber stuck on top of piece of concrete, and they were talking to the young man pitching. It seems from the second inning on, the youngster kept on rotating his pitching arm, rubbing his shoulder, and rubbing his elbow while on the bench. This did no go unnoticed by the opposing coach while his team was up at the plate.

To make a long story short, the young man kept nodding his head for various reasons as the three adults talked. Then, another pitcher came on the field, relieving the youngster currently pitching.

While sitting on the bench, the youngster who was taken out off the mound was approached by his mother and father ( I assume). His face showed obvious discomfort every time he was asked to move his arm above his shoulder. The youngster left.

After an allotted warm up throws, the coach of the new pitcher walked over to the other coach, shook his hand and thanked him for noticing things that he had not.

The game took a noticeable turn with the new pitcher going 1-2-3 with that inning and breezed through the rest. That team ended up winning the game.

Now this I had to see to believe. The other team had a lawn chair crowd that had a decent representation of men, walked over to the opposing coach, shook his hand, smiled, made some small talk, then everyone left the parking lot.

Just when I thought youth baseball was going to heck in a hand basket, something like this comes along. Go figure.


It will always happen John…you just won’t see it advertised. We can only depend on those who hunt treasure like this, to report it to those who really do care…Thank you.


There is hope!