I post too much =] But Pools a pitchers advantage?

I heard swimming can be used as a way for a pitcher to become stronger and increase arm speed.

What types of exercises can we do to achieve this?

I’ve got a 27 minute pool workout in TUFFCUFF. I generally encourage pitchers to use pool workouts only in the off-season, because they’re hard on the shoulder – but in a good way. You just don’t want to do too much in-season with all the throwing you’re presumably doing. Crawl, breast stroke, back stroke, and using a flotation device between your legs so that just your arms propel you across the pool are all good types of in-pool workouts.

Be careful what you eat immediately following pool stuff. Your stomach expands and you may be eat more than you normally would to get to that “full” feeling. This is OK for some pitchers and problematic for others, who are trying to control their weight.

Swimming is an excellent exercise. I used to swim on a local summer team to keep in shape during my hockey off seasons. It works your whole body and a pretty low-impact activity as a whole. Funny thing for me is that I hardly use my arms for freestyle (front crawl) but for my breaststroke I have always been fond of my kick; no scissoring-action and it was pretty strong.