I Pitched Today!

I pitched today against the best team in our league. Remind you I should be playing in the u14 league and I’m playing in the U17 league. I pitched once and there was a horrible mound and I had some trouble throwing strikes. I didn’t want to blame that but I seemed fine today. Our started had some trouble and I came in bases loaded in the first. I got out of it and threw one pass ball that scored one and I think they lofted one over the infield. I came into the second and an error on the second baseman gave a guy the base when it should have been an out. I walked 2 that inning and gave up a bloop hit and our left fielder bobbled a ball scoring the runner that reached on error. I can’t say they had any hard hits off me just the one that was hit to left was a bit hard. I thought I pitched pretty good and my cutter seemed to be working pretty good and I was getting some swings and misses with it. I was pulled that inning and had no outs but I didn’t do bad I had bases loaded when another pitcher came in.

Considering my age I don’t think I did bad at all. A lot of people say that I will get pulled up to varsity next year but that would be for my hitting and I really want to stay down on JV for pitching. If the varsity coach wants me up there I’ll ask him if i can pitch for a little on JV to get some experience for my senior year when I’ll need to pitch.