I pitched for the first time today & the coach said

that b/c i am pitching 4 the first time in my life i should only pitch fastballs. I tried to throw a change up but it kept on hitting the ground. My coach said dont throw curveseither. My 4 seam fastball was barly hitting the zone sometimes alittle too high but my sinker hit it perfectly about 80% of the time. I thought a 4 seamis the easiest to find the strike zone. But yea any feedback on this?

and also i only threw about 25-30 pitches and my arm got soar.

How often do you throw?

Also see a qualified instructor in your area and if you can get lessons please do so. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to invest some time and money for a set of tubing. This site has a great video demonstration of those exercises as well.

Good luck!

dude do you have a little brother or a big brother. b/c if you do you need to practice with him. maybe build your own mound and a back stop (just incase u miss) and play with him alot. youll get your pitches up and hitting the zone in no time

i know im just a little kid, but, i got one of these(the url adress is http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=1151898)n ever since ive been pitching better. So i think it can help u pitch better, also, u can play catch and do drills with it cause the ball comes back 2

I wouldnt recomend buying one of those bounce backs from Wal mart. I have one and everytime I throw hard it either falls over or breaks. Just try to play as much catch as you can to get your arm into good shape even if it’s against a screen or wall.

A cheap one will be a constant source of frustration. I had to weigh ours down with sandbags if my son was to throw regulation baseballs at it. The “clips” holding the mesh onto the frame popped off and the mesh broke in places. I think the idea is fine but a cheap one won’t cut it. I don’t know if there are any good, durable ones out there.

Ss far as the playbacks go I got the top of the line easton when I was 7 years old. (had to drag across the grass I couldn’t even pick it up lol) It worked very well for me, but if you miss you do have to go chase it. Lasted forever, but was like $95. I don’t know if it’s on the market, but it was an inverted Y with solid metal frame and it had clamps on the side to adjust the angle of the top.

Personally now a days I would go with one of the half tent style catch nets. I have one for hitting and throwing in my basement and they are excellent. The key is that you will want to have atleast a dozen balls probably so that you are not always chasing.

Good luck, work hard

I tried to throw a change up but it kept on hitting the ground. My coach said dont throw curveseither.

In response to you blackdragon…You didn’t state your aim location…you might already know that the change up will drop, so you want to aim at your catchers nose…unless he line up straight down the middle, then you’d want to throw it at his left or right ear, to avoid the ball being hit straight at you. So by aiming you pitch higher, you will get the sink you want right over the plate.

Also, I agree with your coach to avoid throwing curveballs…save that for more advanced pitching, when your arm is fully developed. You might want to stick with just a 4 and 2 seam fastball and your change up.

Lastly, to address your soreness…you don’t want to be sore in your shoulder or elbow joints, that’s means your mechnics are bad. Perhaps try keeping you arm long (by staying back on your back push-off leg a tad longer to be able to extend your arm out before your forward movement) That way you’re not getting your body in front of your throwing arm, which will cause soreness where you don’t want to be sore…in your joints. If you’re sore more underneath your arm, on your body…or the back of your shoulder- then that’s a good sore. You’re building up your muscles then. But make sure you’re not sore anymore before you go back to pitch…it needs to rebuild the muscle tissue.

I hope that helps and good luck.